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Special Flood Hazard Area Information Request


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  • Important Information

    1. The Flood Control District provides information on Special Flood Hazard Areas (commonly known as 100-year floodplains, or areas with a one-percent (1%) or greater chance of flooding in any given year). Information is from the current published Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) and any pending floodplains the Flood Control District has knowledge of.
    2. Once you have sent in your request, District staff will complete the form with the floodplain zone and map information, and fax or e-mail it back to you. There is no fee for the floodplain information service.
    3. Note:
      Some cities and towns perform their own floodplain management. Contact the appropriate floodplain agency regarding floodplain questions using the phone numbers listed:
    4. City of Avondale: 623-333-4218
    5. Town of Fountain Hills: 480-816-5100
    6. Town of Gilbert: 480-503-6815
    7. City of Glendale: 623-930-3656
    8. City of Goodyear: 623-882-7979
    9. Town of Paradise Valley: 480-348-3693
    10. City of Peoria: 623-773-7210
    11. City of Phoenix: 602-262-4960
    12. City of Scottsdale: 480-312-2356
    13. City of Tempe: 480-350-8288