About Us

Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (ICJIS) applications and infrastructure are used to exchange hundreds of millions of electronic transactions every year, most in a real time environment. With the exception of some internal applications, ICJIS does not store data within its infrastructure.

Please spend a few moments and review our pages to learn more about how ICJIS assists stakeholders by creating, maintaining and innovating state of the art electronic data exchanges and internal applications.

Location & Hours

620 W Jackson St
Phoenix, AZ 85003

8 AM - 5 PM
(except County observed Holidays)

  1. Accomplishments
  2. Governance
  3. History
  4. Key Stakeholders
  5. Mandated Mission
  6. Outside Partners

Recent Accomplishments & Future Directions

  • Assist stakeholders with integration work while implementing new case management systems
  • Assistance with stakeholder business process re-engineering efforts such as:
    • Cashless kiosks
    • Distribution of electronic discovery packets of documents
    • Electronic citations from Sheriff's Deputies
    • Electronic filing of petitions to revoke and pre-sentence reports
    • Electronic plea agreements
    • Automated warrant quashes for Justice Court from MCSO and DPS
  • Data exchanges for Juvenile Delinquency and Abuse and Neglect case data
  • Data Exchanges of departmental police reports for the 26 police agencies in Maricopa County
  • Data Sharing with the Arizona Department of Corrections
  • Data Sharing with the Attorney General's Office
  • Data Sharing with Correctional Health Services, Public Health, Pharmacies and Labs
  • Enhancements for Justice Web Interface (JWI) and CHD that aid Maricopa County agencies
  • Explore options for a Maricopa County Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement data repository
  • Increase the number of electronic warrant types processed
  • Integration assistance in support of Electronic Health Record exchanges and the Affordable Care Act
  • Integration assistance in support of the Maricopa County Re-Entry Initiative
  • Review and research options for a JWI Consortium, allowing for even greater use of JWI among Maricopa County police departments