Student Opportunities

We offer many opportunities to explore career options, build resumes, network with professionals, and gain hands-on experience through our programs designed for students and recent graduates:

  • Undergraduate Externship Program

  • Law Student Externship Program

  • Rule 39 Certified Limited Practice Clinic

  • Gideon Fellowship

  • Law Clerk Program

  • Social Work Student Internship Program

For attorneys, we offer student loan repayment up to $72,000 over a lifetime ($600 per month), ethical caseloads, mentors to work with and learn from, the ability to get felony trial work from the start of your career, and special interest divisions including: appeals, capital, juveniles tried as adults, mental health, rehabilitative courts, sex crimes, and white collar. You will be able to work where your interest and strengths are while receiving excellent training in litigation and case management to build your skills as an advocate.

Access job opportunities with Maricopa County to review positions within the Office of the Public Defender.

  1. Undergraduate Externship
  2. Law Student Externship
  3. Rule 39 Cert. Practice Clinic
  4. Gideon Fellowship
  5. Law Clerk Program
  6. Social Work Internship
  7. Paralegal extern/ Internships

Undergraduate Externship Program:

The Maricopa County Office of the Public Defender Undergraduate Externship Program is designed to give externs exposure to the work environment of a public defender's office, including opportunities to observe and assist in legal proceedings, and contribute to the work of the criminal defense team. 


Our office accepts applications from students currently in their junior and senior year of undergraduate studies. Preferred candidates are students seeking a degree related to social work, criminal justice, or paralegal studies. For our initial services externship, Spanish speakers are preferred. 


The externship allows students to earn academic credit through their university during the summer, fall, or spring semesters, if desired.


If interested in applying for our Undergraduate Externship Program, please submit a cover letter and resume to Angela DeMarse, the Law Clerk/Extern Supervisor.



Spring 2024

September 22, 2023

Summer 2024

February 2, 2024

Fall 2024

March 8, 2024

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