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The Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) plans, designs, builds, maintains and operates roadways within the County's unincorporated areas.

MCDOT: Plan, Design, Build, Maintain, Operate

Transportation System

MCDOT's transportation system includes:
  • 2,524 miles of roadway
  • 436 bridges and structures
  • 172 traffic signals
  • 59,056 traffic signs

About Maricopa County

This transportation system supports Maricopa County's population of more than 4.4 million residents across 9,224 square miles. Maricopa County is the fourth most populous county in the United States and is larger than Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island combined. Maricopa County is administered by a County Manager who reports to the five member Board of Supervisors elected by the public. MCDOT's Director is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and leads the Department's Leadership Team. MCDOT's funding is primarily derived from Highway User Revenue Funds, as well as other federal and state sources.

MCDOT's Core Purpose

MCDOT's core purpose is to provide connections that improve people's lives.  The County's transportation system gives residents access to their homes, their employment, shopping, entertainment and more. It is MCDOT's responsibility to ensure this transportation system is well managed and operates efficiently.

MCDOT's Core Values

MCDOT promotes an environment where employees are committed to serving others while enjoying the vital work they perform.   MCDOT strives to have the collective values of:

  • Service-minded
  • Team Builders
  • Get it done with a smile

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