2018 Elections Review

2018 Elections Review

On August 28, 2018, Maricopa County voters went to the polls to cast ballots in the 2018 Primary Election. Several significant issues were reported. 

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors requested a review to determine what caused these issues. Several recommendations were made to the Recorder’s Office.

Additional challenges surfaced during the 2018 General Election.

This website will provide information on notable events in the election review process as well any actions that may result.


August 28
Primary Election Day

August 29
Internal Audit Department’s review of the 2018 Primary Election begins at the direction of the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

September 5
Board of Supervisors approves $200,000 in funding for an external review of Primary Election processes.

September 10
Elections Department launches an online survey for voters to share their experience about the 2018 Primary Election.

September 10
Maricopa County releases a Task Order soliciting qualified outside organizations to conduct a review of Primary Election processes.

September 19
Maricopa County awards the contract for outside services to BerryDunn.

September 21
Internal Audit Department releases an interim report on issues surrounding the 2018 Primary Election.

October 3
Elections Department sends email message to all county staff, asking for employees to help set up voting locations the day before the election.  

October 22
The Maricopa County Recorder presents an update on the 2018 General Election Plan to the Board of Supervisors. BerryDunn presents preliminary findings of their election review to the Board of Supervisors with recommendations to improve the November voting experience. Read More or View Meeting.

November 2
BerryDunn releases capstone report on election processes and related issues. View the Report.

November 6
General Election Day

Published Reports

  • Interim Report from Maricopa County Internal Audit Department (Published 9/21)
    The purpose of this interim report is to provide information and recommendations early enough for key corrective actions to be implemented for the general election. Our focus is to identify issues related to polling locations that opened late during the primary election and make recommendations for the upcoming general election.
  • Capstone Report from BerryDunn (Published 11/2)
    The purpose of BerryDunn's work was threefold: to ensure that the Recorder's Office is implementing the recommendations made by the Internal Audit Department in their Interim Report; to identify additional issues that impacted voters in the 2018 Primary Election; and, to offer recommendations that could lead to a better voter experience in November and future elections.


  • In Maricopa County, the Recorder is an elected official whose responsibility includes planning and running elections as head of the Elections Department.
  • The Board of Supervisors receives information and data from the Elections Department that members expect to be sound and then approves funding to carry out a plan
  • The Board approved $3.9 million for the Recorder’s Office to purchase new technology last fiscal year (FY 2018) and nearly $20 million for elections this fiscal year (FY 2019).
  • The Internal Audit Department works for the Board of Supervisors and was established by state law as a way for the Board to ensure proper performance of elected and appointed offices.