Small Area Transportation Study: Rio Verde

With continued development and growth, the need for a connected roadway system in the Rio Verde area has increased. In order to meet the needs of roadway travelers MCDOT is conducting a Small Area Transportation Study.

Residents and members of the public are encouraged to provide input to the study's project team by emailing or calling the MCDOT project line at 602-506-3342.

Rio Verde SATS Study Area

Milestone Schedule

Study of Existing Conditions Completed
Public Input Meeting May 2, 2018
Draft Network Summer 2018
Public Presentation of Findings Summer 2018
Final Report Fall 2018

Project Contact: Reed Kempton, or (602) 506-7742

Public Open House - May 2, 2018

Fact Sheet
Exhibit 1 – Developments
Exhibit 2 – Jurisdictions
Exhibit 3 – Study Area