Substance Misuse Screenings (SBIRT)

SBIRT screenings--Substance, Brief Intervention, and Referrals to Treatment--is an integrated approach to the prevention side of substance misuse. The videos below show a few examples of what these screenings can look like. 

The videos below cover three topics:

  • Drug Screenings 
  • Alcohol Screenings 
  • Sticking with Goals; Motivation 

Drug Screenings

Alcohol Screenings

Sticking With Goals; Motivation

More Resources

For more information on SBIRT, visit these sites.

SAMHSA Resources on SBIRT

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) offers resources including education, resources, and billing codes.

SBIRT Arizona

Get locally-relevant information on news related to substance misuse, as well as tools and information tailored to health care professionals.