How Are Approvals Made?

Approvals are made on a case-by-case basis depending on the characteristics of a particular project. When a project is initially submitted for approval it is reviewed by Water and Wastewater Treatment Program engineering staff.

The review is primarily focused on the following issues:

  • Engineering Design - Validate that the design of the project complies with all relevant codes and design standards. See the Engineering Design page for additional details regarding design criteria.
  • Health and Safety - Assure that the project does not endanger the health and safety of the general public and that all relevant sanitary standards and practices and safety requirements are properly implemented for the project.
  • Operations and Maintenance - Audit the design and review the planned startup, normal, emergency and shutdown procedures for the project to assure that the facility and/or system is properly operated and maintained in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Regulatory Compliance - Assure that the project complies with all relevant water, wastewater and/or reclaimed water treatment, disposal and reuse rules, regulations and reporting requirements, and that all required permits are obtained by the owner.

The review process usually generates a series of comments about specific items that need to be addressed prior to approval being granted. An approval is issued for the project once all review items have been resolved.

An interim approval may be issued to allow work on the project to proceed while minor issues are being resolved. An interim approval is usually only issued if the project is time constrained and only if the remaining items are minor in nature. The interim approval specifies a time limit for resolving the remaining items.

What Other Types of Approvals & Permits May be Required by Other Regulatory Agencies?

A number of other types of approvals and permits may be required for a particular project by other regulatory agencies. Some of the other agencies that may require approvals and permits are:

Please contact these agencies directly for further information about their specific requirements for approvals and permits.