Onsite Wastewater (Septic Systems) - Ownership Transfer

Overview of Requirements and Process

Any person selling or transferring ownership of a property served by an on-site wastewater treatment facility (including a conventional septic tank system or alternative on-site wastewater treatment facility) must retain a qualified Inspector to inspect the facility within six months prior to transferring ownership of the property (Arizona Administrative Code, A.A.C. R18-9-A316). Typically, such an inspection is triggered by the resale of a home by an owner.

The requirement to have the on-site wastewater treatment facility inspected within six months prior to property transfer is a provision of Arizona rule, and takes precedence over any conflicting terms that may exist in any contract pertaining to the property transfer.

A person shall not use a cesspool for sewage disposal (per Arizona Administrative Code, A.A.C. R18-9-A309(A)(4). Do not use this form to transfer a cesspool.

What is required to transfer ownership of my on-site facility?

An inspector that is qualified under A.A.C. R18-9-A316, must complete a Report of Inspection form and provide it to the seller as required by the Code. Any significant amount of waste must also be pumped from each tank. If there is more than one on-site system in use on the property, the Inspector shall complete a Report of Inspection form for each system.

Before the transfer date (closing date) of the property, the seller shall provide the buyer with the completed Report of Inspection form and any other documents they may have in their possession that relate to the permitting or operation and maintenance of the septic tanks systems or alternative on-site wastewater treatment facility.

Within 15 calendar days after the date of property transfer, the Buyer shall submit a completed Notice of Transfer form for the change of ownership, and file it with the proper agency indicated in the Filing Instructions, page ii.

A qualified inspector will have available a current Report of Inspection form.

Filing Instructions

The fee for a Notice of Transfer is $50. A Notice of Transfer is required for each individual parcel and may include information for one or more treatment facilities on the parcel. A separate transfer fee must be submitted for each separate parcel.

When submitting a Notice of Transfer, please complete the entire NOT form. Do not send the Report of Inspection form to Maricopa County. An incomplete form or non-payment will be returned to the individual or company submitting the Notice of Transfer by mail.  Checks must be made payable to Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (M.C.E.S.D.).

Filing by mail

Property buyers, or anyone submitting this Notice of Transfer form on their behalf, are required to completely and accurately fill out this form to the best of their knowledge.  If you would like to file by paper form, the Notice of Transfer form and fee must be mailed to:
        Maricopa County Environmental Services Department
        301 West Jefferson Street, Suite 170
        Phoenix, AZ 85003

Filing by e-mail

You may file your Notice of Transfer by e-mail.  Method of payment instructions will be sent once the form has been received and processed.  Send completed and scanned forms via email.

Filing online

You may also file your Notice of Transfer online.  The following buttons link to options to file online.