Assessment & Animal Bite Reporting

Report all dog and cat bites to your appropriate municipal animal control office. If it is a routine dog or cat bite where the animal is healthy and is being quarantined under the guidance of animal control, you do not need to consult the Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH). This applies regardless of whether or not the animal is current on rabies vaccination. If the animal shows any suspicious and progressive signs and symptoms during the quarantine - MCDPH staff should be notified by veterinarians and/or animal control staff.

When to Contact Epidemiologists at MCDPH

  • When a rabies risk assessment is needed for any kind of animal exposure.
  • When requesting lab testing, or deciding whether a lab test is needed (MCDPH staff have to triage all lab testing requests occurring within Maricopa County).
  • When deciding if post exposure rabies prophylaxis (PEP) is warranted for a bite victim. Note: MCDPH staff can assess risk levels and provide recommendations, but the ultimate decision to treat with PEP lies with the bite victim and doctor. MCDPH is very comfortable discussing risk level and recommendations with doctors.
  • To keep us in-the-loop on any pet or other animal disease situation that may have zoonotic disease potential-this includes mammals, birds, reptiles, etc.

Rabies Assessment

If you believe you need a rabies assessment call the Maricopa County Department of Public Health at 602-747-7500 (24 hours a day).

Municipal Animal Control Offices

Please report all dog and cat bites to the appropriate municipal animal control office.
  • Avondale PD/Animal Control, Phone: 623-333-7345
  • Mesa Animal Control, Phone: 480-644-2268
  • Peoria PD/Animal Control, Phone: 623-773-8311
  • Surprise PD/Animal Control, Phone: 623-222-4000
  • Wickenburg PD/Animal Control, Phone: 928-684-5411
All other bites not covered by one of the cities listed above should contact Maricopa County Animal Care and Control by phone at 602-506-7387 or by fax at 602-506-2773.