Electrical, Sewer & Water Service

Electrical Service

Electrical service is provided by Salt River Project (SRP) or Arizona Public Services Company (APS), depending on your location within the County. You may contact either SRP (SRP website or 602-236-0777 / 602-236-8888) or APS (APS website or 602-371-7171 / 800-253-9405) with your address or location to learn which provider services your area.

Water & Sewer Service

For information about available water and sewer services, contact the Arizona Corporation Commission Utilities Division at 602-542-4251 / 1-800-222-7000 or visit the Utilities Division website and provide your address or legal description of the property. If there are no services provided in your area, you may also contact the Arizona Department of Water Resources for ground water/well drilling information and Maricopa County Environmental Services for information regarding septic system installation and permitting.