Residential Construction

Residential construction is defined as any construction that is not considered commercial in nature. The value, safety, and code compliance of your structure is heavily dependent on obtaining a building permit prior to construction or installation.

Related Departments

Planning and Development works in partnership with the following regulatory agencies. Your project may involve one of more permits from these agencies. Please click on the links to learn about their permitting processes.

Residential Permits

New Custom Home Addition or Accessory Alteration
Alteration - Permit by Inspector New Manufactured Home Custom Pool, Pool & Spa
Above Ground Pool and/or Spa Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic System New Standard Plan
New Standard Plan Pool Production Home or Structure Production Pool or Standalone Spa

Minor Electrical Permits

Up to 200 amp Service 201 to 400 amp Service
Over 400 amp Service Service to a Shared Well
Roof Mounted Solar Photovoltaic System  

Other Minor Permits

Web Issued Minors Non-Technical Minors (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing) Minor Plumbing - Roof Mounted Solar Water Heater

Other Related Permit Types

Fence - Building Review Fence - Drainage Review Only Grading - Miscellaneous/Paving
Grading - Stockpile/Grading Only Compliance Inspection  

Residential Use in Military High Noise or Accident Potential Zone:

Residential uses are not allowed within the high noise or accident potential zone of a military airport (Luke Air Force Base) or ancillary military facility (Luke Auxiliary Airfield Number 1 and the Gila Bend Auxiliary Airfield) unless both Luke Air Force Base and Maricopa County mutually agree that the residential use is compatible and consistent with the high noise or accident potential of the military airport or ancillary military facility. To make such a decision, an application for a Use Compatibility and Consistency Determination (UCCD) must be submitted and approved prior to application for a residential building permit.

Additional Resources

Please see Chapter 10, Section 1010 (PDF) of Maricopa County Zoning Ordinance for specific details. Check to see if your parcel is in a high noise or accident potential zone.