Maricopa County

Transportation planning studies

Turner Parkway Corridor Feasibility Study

(I-10 to SR 74)


Study Area

Study Purpose & Need

  1. Address future travel demand associated with local and regional growth and development 2008 MAG I-10/Hassayampa Valley Roadway Framework Study forecasts 1.2 million new residents at "Build-out" within study influence area west of White Tank Mountains.
  2. Preserve Future Roadway Corridor and identify sufficient right-of-way for future roadway needs
  3. Ensure future roadway compatibility with present and future environment.

Study Goals & Objectives

  1. Achieve Roadway Network Continuity and Connectivity
    • Identify optimum roadway alignment from a regional perspective
    • Address future connectivity with local and regional roadway network
    • Provide viable (all-weather) crossings of drainage washes and the Central Arizona Project (CAP) Canal
  2. Provide for Enhanced Traffic Flow, Safety and Mobility
    • Maintain parkway's functional integrity serving as a high capacity transportation corridor
    • Identify additional right-of-way needs to accommodate roadway design challenges associated with alluvial fan crossings and constructability issues.
    • Achieve future access/mobility balance through the development of consistent, multi-jurisdictional roadway design standards.
  3. Develop Environmentally Sensitive Solutions
    • Comply with all governing environmental regulations
    • Minimize, mitigate or avoid adverse impacts to the environment
    • Develop solutions to enhance roadway aesthetics and environmental features
  4. Develop Consensus Driven Corridor Alternatives
    • Achieve consensus among Agency stakeholders regarding viable and economically feasible alternatives
    • Develop cost effective roadway improvement alternatives
    • Achieve public support/acceptance regarding agency approved corridor alternative
    • Ensure compatibility with existing and future land use plans

Key Issues & Challenges

  1. Development of an agreed-upon plan for future Turner Parkway connections with I-10/SR-85 Junction 9south) and SR-74 Extension/US-60 (north)
  2. Roadway design constraints associated with bridged crossings and drainage structures over major washes and alluvial fan regions west of the White Tank Mountains.
  3. Incorporation of future Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal bridge crossing
  4. Maintain functional integrity of Parkway serving as a regional transportation corridor through constrained areas including partially developed Sun City Festival Ranch
  5. Development of a preferred ultimate alignment and access management strategies that optimize revenue generating potential for Arizona State Land Department lands
  6. Consideration of environmental impacts associated with the future parkway, including native species and wildlife crossings
Study Milestone Schedule
Milestone Schedule
Phase 1 Study Area Planning Evaluation November 2008 to April 2009
Phase 2 - Alternative Development & Evaluation May - June 2009
Public Open House #1 Meeting (Exhibits) May 6, 2009
Public Open House #2 Meeting (Exhibits) March 25, 2010
Final Report