Maricopa County

Transportation planning studies

Signal Butte Road Corridor Improvement Study

(Rittenhouse Road to US 60)


Study Area

Study Objectives

  1. Identify long term corridor needs and requirements.
  2. Establish future roadway design criteria.
  3. Develop access management guidelines to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow.
  4. Establish the future roadway type, number of lanes and roadway alignment along the Signal Butte Road corridor that will ultimately be required to accommodate forecasted corridor travel demands.
  5. Idntify ultimate right-of-way preservation requirements for the future Signal Butte Road Corrdor serving as a regionally significant roadway.
  6. Develop an Implemantation and Phasing Timeline for the recommended improvements.
  7. Establish guiding principles, policies and guidelines to ensure a seamless transportation facility jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Study Need

  1. Interagency coordination (Signal Butte Road passes through multiple jurisdictions).
  2. Address connectivity issues associated with current discontinuous route.
  3. Address regional and local growth and development.
  4. Ensure future roadway compatibility with future corridor environment.

Preliminary Issues & Challenges

Early in the study process, a preliminary list of study issues and potential challenges was compiled. This list will expand as the study progresses. major issues identified at this stage include:

  1. Incorporation of both regional and local traffic demands.
  2. Achieving balance between roadway performance/efficiency and number/type of access points.
  3. Accommodating current and future land use and development plans.
  4. Connectivity with existing and future regional transportation routes.
  5. Balancing both jursidictional and property owner interests.
  6. Overcoming engineering challenges.
  7. Compatibility of future roadway with future corridor environment.
  8. Establishing uniform roadway and drainage design criteria.
  9. Development of a realistic improvement implementation timeline and financing strategies.
Study Milestone Schedule
Milestone Schedule
Study Kick-off November 2008
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting February 2009
Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting September 2007
Public "Scoping" Meeting March 12, 2009
Engineering Phase Alternatives Development and Evaluation March / April 2009
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting March 2009
"Alternatives Analysis" Public Meeting May 2009
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting May 2009
Recommended Alternative Design Features June / July 2009
"Findings and Recommendations" Public Meeting July 2009
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting July 2009
Draft Final Report September 2009
Final Report November 2009