Maricopa County

Transportation planning studies

New River Road Corridor Improvement Study

(I-17 to Desert Hills Drive)


Study Area

Study Purpose

Develop a consensus-based vision and plan for the future "footprint" of New River Road that accommodates projected Year 2030 growth, development, travel demand and improves traffic safety.

Study Need

  1. Address rapid development around the study area and resulting increased traffic
  2. Improve existing roadway geometrics (curves / grades / slopes)
  3. Coordination and compatibility with other ongoing interagency studies and projects
  4. Ensure future roadway compatibility with future environment.

Preliminary Issues & Challenges

Early in the study process, a preliminary list of study issues and potential challenges is compiled. This list expands as the study progresses. Major issues identified at this stage include:

  1. Address regional / local travel mix
  2. Achieve mobility / access balance
  3. Incorporate current / future development
  4. Consider potential regional system improvements
  5. Balancing both jurisdictional and property owner interests
  6. Resolve conflicting jurisdictional
  7. Address engineering challenges
  8. Consider surrounding environment
Study Milestone Schedule
Milestone Schedule
Study Kick-off July 2007
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting September 2007
Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting September 2007
Public "Scoping" Meeting (Exhibits) September 24, 2007
Planning and Engineering Studies April 2008
Alternatives Development and Evaluation August 2008
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting August 2008
"Alternatives Analysis" Public Meeting August 2008
Recommended Alternative Design Features September 2008
Access Control Plan September 2008
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) & Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting September 2008
"Findings and Recommendations" Public Meeting (Exhibits) October 2008
Draft Final Report October 2008
Final Report November 2008