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Manuals & Studies

Printed copies can be viewed or purchased at our Durango office.

For questions regarding the following documents, including how to obtain a copy, contact:

MCDOT Customer Service
2901 W. Durango
Phoenix, Arizona 85009
(602) 506-8600

Please be advised, MCDOT customer service can only accept cash or checks. No credit cards.

MCDOT Publishings (PDF)

  1. Approved Materials List
  2. Bicycle Transportation System Plan
  3. Contractor Safety Plan Guidelines
  4. Development Plan Submittal (Traffic)
  5. General Guide for the Railroad & Corporation Commission Application/Construction Process
  6. Guide for the Preparation of Contract Specifications
  7. Guideline Special Provisions (Updated: August 28, 2014 - Word.docx)
  8. Inspection Guidelines
  9. Maricopa County 2014 Supplement to the MAG
  10. Maricopa County 2013 Supplement to the MAG
  11. Major Streets and Routes Plan
  12. Pavement Marking Manual
  13. Project Development Manual
  14. Roadway Design Manual
  15. State of the Systems Report
  16. Traffic Impact Procedures
  17. Traffic Sign Manual (Updated: Sept. 4, 2014)
  18. Transportation Improvement Program
  19. Transportation System Plan
  20. **DRAFT** MCDOT Traffic Control Manual - November 2014 - Currently Out for Review

MCDOT Publications (Excel)

  1. Bid Item Master List (43K) (Updated: November 17, 2014)
  2. 2012 Construction Cost Estimate Worksheet for Asset Management (56K)
  3. Bid Schedule MCDOT (37 K)
  4. Project Cost Estimate Form - Federal Aid Projects (34K)
  5. JOC Fee Proposal (34 K)

Online Services

  1. Active Planning Studies
  2. Bid Tabs
  3. CADD Standards
  4. City Boundaries of Maricopa County
  5. Cost Estimation
  6. MCDOT Traffic Counts (2013)
  7. Request the abandonment of patent easements

Online Forms

  1. Adopt-a-Highway Application
  2. Records Requests
  3. Report a missing or damaged sign
  4. Request a new street sign
  5. Report a pothole in a County-owned street
  6. Roadway Abandonment Application

Permit Forms

  1. Online Permit Status
  2. A.R.S 11-1605 Review Option Form (Revised: September 2013)
  3. Insurance Form Sample
  4. Requirements for Certificate of Insurance
  5. Letter of Transmittal (Revised: September 2013)
  6. MCDOT Surety Bond Requirements
  7. Paved Residential Driveway Guidelines
  8. MCDOT Permit Application for Construction in County Right-of-Way
  9. General Notes For Right-of-Way Permits (Updated: June 2013)
  10. Temporary Access - Trackout
  11. Utility Plan Checklist
  12. Revised Resolution for Permits to Work in Dedicated Maricopa County Right-of-Way
    Plan Review Fees will be collected at time of submission of plans for review
  13. Traffic Control Plan Submittal Form
  14. Application for Permit To Move Oversize I Overweight Vehicles
  15. Request for Future Right-of-Way Reservation Reduction
  16. Request Information

Manuals from Other Agencies

  1. MAG Regional Off-Street System Plan
  2. Maricopa County Comprehensive Plan
  3. Maricopa County Regional Trail Plan
  4. Maricopa County Regional Trail System Plan
  5. Maricopa County Drainage Policies, Standards, and Design Manuals