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Property Management
Lisa Amos
Property Management Supervisor

Gary Scott
Land Acquisition Branch Manager

Titles & Rights-of-way
Kenneth Green
Titles & Right-of-Way Branch Manager

The Real Estate Division reports directly to the Chief Engineer & General Manager for the Flood Control District. It is comprised of three different functional branches, plus an administrative unit. It's primary customers are the County's Department of Transportation ( and the Flood Control District of Maricopa (, although it does support other County departments from time to time with their real estate needs.

The Division processes approximately 800-900 real estate transactions a year. The Division is physically located within the Flood Control District administrative building located at 2801 W Durango, in Phoenix.

Property Management:
This branch is responsible for the selling, leasing and easement granting of land rights for its clients. Public auctions are held to sell property no longer needed for public works projects, unless being sold to other governmental entities for public uses. All land dispositions are administered conditioned on getting market value as established by a current appraisal based on the highest and best use for the property. Property Management is also responsible for trespass mitigations, law enforcement coordination, coordinating relocation activities, appraisal services, demolitions and any associated environmental abatements, and property maintenance issues. For a list of property currently available for sale or lease and a list of upcoming auctions, please visit the Property Management page here.
The Acquisition Branch is responsible for acquiring all of the necessary land rights needed for Public Works project delivery. This responsibility includes project coordination of the acquisition process, negotiations with property owners, relocation of displaced owners and/or tenants, and liaisons with the County Attorney’s Office on acquisitions through legal action. The Acquisition Branch also coordinates the right-of-way dedication program, off-site right-of-way acquisition for development constructed infrastructure, and provides acquisition and relocation services to the Flood Control District’s voluntary property acquisition program.
Right-of-way acquisition and negotiations are governed under "Eminent Domain" law and other statutory requirements. A property owner’s rights to compensation are guaranteed under the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution and the government must pay property owners "market value" for their property, when it is acquired under the need and necessity of a public project. "Market value" is normally based on the appraised value. If a negotiated agreement cannot be reached between the parties, then, via condemnation procedures, the court will determine compensation.
In addition to paying "market value," the acquiring entity also pays relocation assistance and must relocate a displaced property owner or tenant to another home or business. If this is a residential relocation, they must be moved into a comparable replacement dwelling that is considered decent, safe, and sanitary.
Property Engineering:
This unit is responsible for overseeing the creation or review of real estate legal descriptions and right-of-way plans, maps, and exhibits for the various acquisition and disposition transactions that are facilitated within the Division or submitted by consultants. They are responsible for managing the city limits mapping for Maricopa County, administering roadway abandonments (roadway abandonment application form), and keeping the Division's land rights database(s) complete and current, for its client departments. It also administers the "Open and Declare" process, which secures Board of Supervisor approval to expend resources for County roadways. This area supports Flood Control District's Right of Use Permitting program substantiating land rights and reviewing legal descriptions. They also are responsible for overseeing any division initiated surveying actions.
This unit supports all the responsibilities of the Division including but not limited to Board action coordination, ordering and managing title reports, overseeing employee issues related to timecard reporting, coordinating annual budget submittals and monthly tracking of budgets, and tracking capital fund expenditures for real estate related costs. Click here to see the organizational chart for the Real Estate Division.