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MCDOT Business Opportunities

MCDOT has business opportunities for vendors, contractors and consultants to provide goods, contract activities and services to the department. In order to compete for business, all vendors, contractors and consultants must register with Maricopa County. Once registered, parties interested in doing business with MCDOT will be able to view information about business opportunities and download bid documents.


Vendors, contractors and consultants interested in providing goods and services for county use which are not an integrated part of the design, construction, reconstruction, and remodel of county facilities should register here.

Contract Services

BidSync Phase II Update (August 17, 2016)

Earlier this summer, Maricopa County initiated phase one of the use of Bidsync for Article 5 solicitations for construction projects. The County started accepting construction bids through the system in June and, based on the success of that roll-out, we are ready to complete phase two of the project. Phase two involves the use of BidSync for the solicitation of all professional architectural and engineering (A/E) services and the use of Bidsync as the replacement for the County’s Article 5 Vendor Registration System that currently resides on the McDOT web site.

As of September 30, 2016 all future notices of Maricopa County bid/proposal opportunities will be released through Bidsync. Individuals and/or firms will need to have internet access in order to complete the initial registration and to respond to open solicitations.

Please see the OPS website for more information on how to register on BidSync.