Maricopa County

frequently asked questions

General Questions

Who do I contact if I need information from MCDOT?
Contact: Customer Service at (602) 506-8600

Who do I report an abandoned vehicle to?
The Sheriff's Office at their main switchboard (602) 876-1011.

Where can I get permit info? Click here for permit forms.

How do I report a damaged or missing street sign or request a street be signed? Can I report a pothole?

How can I get MCDOT to maintain my road?

Where can I find road closure information? MCDOT | ADOT

How can I find out more about upcoming transportation improvement projects?
(safety improvements, road improvements, etc.)

How can I obtain an application for abandonment of a roadway?
For additional information contact MCDOT Public Works Land & Right-of-Way Division by phone at 602-506-1421.

How do I request the abandonment of patent easements?

Other Commonly Asked Questions (from MCDOT visitors)

I want to report a street light that is out?
Street lights are the responsibility of the local power company. You will need to contact the agency responsible for that area.
What do I need and need to do to get an Arizona Driver's License and how much will it cost? Where do I go for vehicle registration? Address change?
For requests relating to motor vehicles (i.e. vehicle registration, drivers' licenses, etc...) you will need to contact the Arizona Department of Transportation's Motor Vehicle Division.
Where can I go for vehicle emission testing? To find out which vehicles are exempt?
Check with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).
Is there a location on your website to access construction projects open for bid?
All current projects open for bid, and their corresponding bid documents are available to registered consultants and contractors at Note: You must first complete the Consultants / Contractors Application form before ordering a CD-Rom or downloading bid documents.
Where can I obtain Maricopa area maps at no cost?
MCDOT produces road maps every two years. For more information on how to obtain maps, please contact Customer Service at (602) 506-8600.
Who do I contact to see if my street will ever be paved?
Visit our PM10 Dust Abatement Project website. There you can find information on what roads MCDOT is scheduled to pave, information on how to form Improvement Districts, and the kinds of materials are used in the paving.
I am interested in bicycle commuting, but I really need a good map of bicycle paths in the city. How can I obtain one?
Contact us
Where can I find traffic count data?
You can find Traffic Count data for unincorporated areas within Maricopa County on our website. MCDOT only counts intersections not incorporated within the various city limits. You will have to check with each of the cities' jurisdictions for other intersections. The various cities also post their counts online.
Who would I contact to report a mosquito breeding place?
To report a mosquito problem, call Maricopa County's Environmental Response Line at (602) 506-6616 in the Phoenix Metropolitan area or at the Environmental Services website.