Annual Reports

  1. Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

    View Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.

  2. Debt Management Publications

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  3. Expenditure Limitation Reports

    Locate current and past Expenditure Limitation Reports.

  4. Financial Assurance Reports

    See archived Financial Assurance Reports from the Finance Department.

  5. Jail Per Diem Letters

    Locate Jail Per Diem Letters to reference.

  6. Management Letter/Internal Control Reports

    Access Management Letter/Internal Control Reports.

  7. Popular Annual Financial Reports (PAFR)

    Internal Audit annually assesses and reports on Maricopa County's financial condition in a highly visual, user-friendly, annual Financial Condition Report.

  8. Risk Management Statements & Reports

    View Risk Management reports such as Audited Financial Statements, Annual Reports and Managing for Results Reports.

  9. Single Audit Reports

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  10. Tax Levy & Rates

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