Employment Initiatives

  1. Employer of National Service

    As an Employer of National Service, Maricopa County recognizes the unique skills of national service alumni. Accordingly, AmeriCorps alumni, returned Peace Corps volunteers, and other national service participants are encouraged to apply to our job openings.

  2. Veteran Supportive Employer

    Maricopa County is an Arizona Veteran Supportive Employer (AVSE) committed to strengthening recruiting, hiring and retention of service members, veterans and family members.

  3. McLEAPS

    The Maricopa County Leadership and Education Advancing Public Service program, MCLEAPS, is a collaboration with Arizona State University's (ASU) College of Public Service and Community Solutions that offers ASU students the opportunity to compete for paid internships within multiple Maricopa County departments through an award winning program approved by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and ASU.